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Real Estate Attorneys New Jersey illustrationIn some situations it is clear you will need the advice and assistance of an attorney, when buying a home for example, or selling your home, or when involved in a legal dispute. But there are also times when real estate law maybe unfamilier to you and you find yourself facing one of the many issues relating to real estate law that you have never thought about, for example injuries relating to real estate, neighbour relations, property taxes, property deeds, mortgages, insurance matters, foreclosure, easement disputes and other issues. In either case it is vitally important that you fully know your rights and are able to have them explained clearly to your by a real estate lawyer.

Buying or selling a home or property

A home is the nearly always the largest investment Americans will ever make in their lives and buying a home or selling a home can seem to be a complicated, even scary process, considering the amount of money involved.  At Sammarro & Zalarick, P.A., we make the transaction smooth, streamlined and an enjoyable process for you.

We will guide you through all the legal jargon and ensure you are fully prepared before you commit to taking such a large step in life when you sell or buy your home in NJ

Our other real estate services

Sammarro & Zalarick’s real estate practice is diversified and touches on almost every real estate issue in New Jersey. Areas of real estate practice include the handling of all types of real estate transactions including but not limited to:

  • Purchases and Sales
  • Refinances
  • Development Contracts
  • Leasing
  • Construction Loans

  • Loan Modifications and Workouts
  • Real Estate Related Litigation
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Leases & Contracts
  • Landlord & Tenant Matters

  • Zoning & Land Use
  • Property Law
  • Rental Properties Law
  • Commerical Real Estate Loan Transactions

We are experienced in handling all aspects of relocation services for individuals, businesses, and relocation service providers with employees moving to or from New Jersey.  We dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our clients within the prescribed time period.

In addition, we can help connect you with our extensive network of professionals to assist you with other needs, including accountants, mortgage companies and insurance companies.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the services of our real estate services.  Please contact our office for a free initial consultation and let us know any questions you may have.