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Were you affected by Garfields floods as a result of hurricane Irene?

Hurricane Irene affecting Garfield showing  flooded passaic river

Garfield Flooding

Well it seems the worst is over, but Hurricane Irene has certainly left its toll.   Intense winds, floods, power outages, mudslides you name it Garfield has appeared to be the scene of a new hollywood disaster movie over the last week.

According to Tom Dutch, Garfields City Manager, 175 Garfield residents had to be evacuated after receiving notices posted through their door and furthermore with assistance from the fire department.

Dutch also went on to say the Passaic river reached its highest point he’s ever known since 1980.

NJ Businesses hit hard by hurricane Irene floods

Businesses affected by Irene

Not to belittle the affect it’s had on Garfields residents and businesses but the damage does pale somewhat in comparison to some of the other local areas, ¬†Paterson had to undergo 4000 evacuations with 3200 of those residing in Riverview Towers requiring firefighters to breakdown walls to lead the inhabitants to safety.


Have you been affected by the hurricane Irene floods?

Please comment and let others know your experience and whether you think Garfields emergency services have done a good job or could have done better.

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